TsingTao - Hefeweizen Brew 500ml / 12 cans

TsingTao - Hefeweizen Brew 500ml / 12 cans

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TsingTao New White Beer 500ml / 4.1% Alcohol content / 12 cans 

Tsingtao Beer - China’s Most Famous Beer Brand

Originally founded in 1903 in Qingdao, Tsingtao Beer is a time-honored beer manufacturer and the most famous beer brand in China, having won many gold awards in China and overseas.

Tsingtao Beer or Qingdao Beer is made from high quality materials including barley, rice, Laoshan mineral water and hops. The beer yeast is also unique of its own qualities. It has a pure yellow color with purified flavor, refreshing taste, light hops and malty aroma. Generally speaking, the original wort concentration of Tsingtao Beer is of 9-12°P and its alcohol content is of 3.5-4%.

It takes more than 30 days to make Tsingtao Beer in general, adopting the modern brewing method and the unique long-time low-temperature post-maturation technique. At the same time, advanced beer preservation technology is used to ensure the fresh taste.

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