Patito Hybrid Guard Mask - White

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Patito Hybrid Guard Mask White 

Washable / Quick Dry

Double Layer Protection

Patito Ag+Tech Extra Guard consists of 2 main functional layers. The outer layer is using Ag+Tech fabric to defend the coming bacteria, Silver-ions is responsible for killing the bacteria. The interlayer is applied SCQ Ag+Tech lining (Skin-friendly, Cool, and Quick Dry) interwoven with Silver-ions yarn to create second protection.
Of course, to enhance the filtration ability of Patito Ag+Tech Extra Guard, 5 layers PM2.5 filter has been worked with SCQ Ag+Tech Lining perfectly.
Patito PM2.5 filter consists of 5 layers:
1. Water Repellent Cloth
2. First Static-charge Cloth
3. Activated Carbon Cloth
4. Second Static-charge Cloth
5. Anti-sticking and Water Repellent Cloth
…………. As a result: VFE >98% (Nelson Labs USA certified)
Outer Layer: 50% Cotton 50% Silver-ions Ag+Tech Polyester
Lining: 70% Polyester 30% SCQ Silver-ions Ag+Tech Polyester
Colour: Face-White / Back-White

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