Desugaring Rice Cooker 1.2L

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Rice Cooker for health conscious and diabetic persons.

Reduce sugar content.

Drain starch and sugar.

How do rice separators work?

The rice cooker separates sugar is a rice cooker for diabetics because it has the ability to remove excess sugar in rice when cooked and keep the ratio of Amylose (slow absorption starch) higher than Amylopectin (fast absorbing starch). .Operation mechanism of this device is as follows:

Step 1: Heat up

With smart touch technology, the rice cooker separates sugar can control the entire cooking process. It will bring the temperature to a certain level then remain stable. This will help remove bad Amylopectin starch more effectively.

Step 2: Separate Amylopectin

At the appropriate heat level, the rice cooker separating the sugar will proceed to separate Amylopectin from each grain of rice but retain the Amylose content.

Step 3: Remove Amylopectin

After separation, Amylopectin will dissolve into water and escape to the outside through intelligent drainage.This system also has the ability to prevent water and Amylopectin from returning to the rice.

Step 4: Cook rice

When Amylopectin has been removed from rice, the rice cooker separates the sugar from the rice, bringing the delicious rice seeds, ensuring nutrition and better health.


Capacity: 1.2L  / 6 cups

Serving: 4-5 persons

Cooking Time : about 35 mins

Package Dimension :  14" x 11 1/2" x 12 1/2"

Rated Voltage : 220 v

Rated Frequency : 50 h

Rater Power : 800 - 1000 w

Package weight :  3.6 kg  

Product Dimension : 9" x 8" x 10"

Product weight : 2.9 kg 

3 DAYS REPLACEMENT  *Terms and Condition Apply. 

3 MONTHS FREE SERVICE *Parts not Included.

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